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Monday, August 20, 2012


Watch the clip above then go to this link, read the details and answer the 'Your Turn' questions at the bottom of the page.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr, Waugh,

I got 7/8 on the Your Turn Questions! :)

From Sophie

Hayley said...

I got 8/8 answers right on the your turn questions

Anonymous said...

Hi mr Waugh I learnt about what am and pm stand for ante meridiem and post meridiem am means before midday in Latin and pm means after midday in Latin.
I got 7/8 in the your turn questions

Ryan 🐫🐑🐑🐑🐫 said...


I got 7/8 but it was a bad mistake because i knew the answer but after I clicked on it

Anonymous said...

Hey mr Waugh,
I hav learned about 24 hour time in the past and I learnt it a bit differently because I just counted back to numbers so for instants "18:40" I count bak 2 "7" "6" so then I now no it 6:40pm.
I got 8/8 on the your turn questions.

Anonymous said...

Hi mr Waugh
I got 7/8 on your turn questions
I learnt a bit more about 24 hour time then I did just before
From conor

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Waugh,

I got 6/8 on your turn questions, I know a bit more about 24hr clocks now.

From Phillipa

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