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Melbourne 2012

On Monday August 27th 2012, 80 very excited Year 6 students  - and six teachers - descended upon Coolangatta Airport bound for Melbourne!

Thanks for these photos Mrs Collins!
Thanks Mrs Jones!

We were met at the airport in Melbourne by our coaches and whisked away to our first stop - the Melbourne Cricket Ground!

A guided tour of the entire ground - players' rooms, the Members' Area, the Long Room - everywhere!

The Members' Area - what a view!

The view from the stands.

Melbourne Skyline from MCG
Thanks Blake!

Our fantastic tour of the MCG was followed by a visit to the National Sports Museum - a museum located at the MCG dedicated to Australian sport!

We travelled to our hotel - Melbourne Discovery -  after our time at the National Sports Museum had come to an end. 

After checking in, receiving our keys and finding out who our room-mates were  we enjoyed our first dinner in Melbourne...... and set off again....for a night time visit to Eureka Skydeck!

Finally, to bed - the end of an action-packed day!

After a great night's sleep (???) it was up for a 7am breakfast before heading off to the world-renowned Melbourne Zoo

Great photo Mallika!
Lucy's excellent elephant photo!

Next on the itinerary, the Melbourne Museum!

Next, the Chinese Museum...............

Great photo Bailey! Thanks!

At 8am we set off for Ballarat - Sovereign Hill!!

Another early start - bags packed,  rooms tidied  - and it was time to hit the shops with a quick visit to the Queen Victoria Markets before heading to the airport and our trip back home!  

Farewell Melbourne!


Sophie said...

Hi Mr. Waugh,

What a brilliant exclusion! And what fantastic videos youve created! The photos are also incredible! Thank you for a wonderful week! I am looking forward to any more adventures yet to come. From Sophie.

Ryan 🐫🐑🐑🐑🐫 said...

Hi Everyone
Melbourne was so much fun I wished we could stay for longer, I had the best room it was just so much fun
Oh and Mr Waugh I love your stories

Hayley said...

Thanks for taking us on the Melbourne trip, it was so fun I am very grateful for that

Mylee said...

Thank you Mr Waugh,

I had lots of fun! I wish we could have stayed even longer. I loved the amazing videos and photos you posted up! Thank you again oh and I cant wait for the end of year excursion!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Waugh thank you for taking us to melbourne I had great time and after that experance I realy would like to go to melbourne again. It was the best excurtion I have been to thank you Mr Waugh from Bailey.H

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Wugh

For taking us to Melbourne I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot but best of all I have lots of fun and I hadn't been to Melbourne since I was 4, it was great to actually seen what the MCG looks like in real life and things like that.


Wil🇺🇸⚾🏀🏈 said...

Dear Mr Waugh,
All the movies and pictures are great!!! The whole page gives me good memories and how much fun we had on our trip to Melbourne. My favourite part was going to Ballarat. Thankyou for this experience.
From, Wil ⚾��������

Blake said...

Dear Mr Waugh

Great photos and movies Mr Waugh I really enjoyed watching them and all the great things we did. Thank you and all the teachers for a great camp that I will remember forever.


Anonymous said...

Dear mr Waugh and all the people who are on this blog.

The melbourne trip was the best school exertion I have ever had!!! (except for the end of the plane flights)

My favorite places where the Melbourne zoo, eureka sky deck and Sovereign Hill.

Thankyou soo much for taking us on this trip

From Chris.

Kayla said...

Dear Mr Waugh

I loved Melbourne so much my Fav part was the zoo that's for taking us

Anonymous said...

dear mr waugh

the melbourne was somuch fun i loved everysingle bit of it
thank you mr Waugh

from Gabriel

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