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The Metric System of Measurement

The main benefit of our metric system of measurement is that most of the standard units of measurement are related by multiples of 1000.

Measurement of length is very common in our everyday lives, so we have measurement of length in multiples of 10 and 100 as well as 1000.
To convert from one unit of measure to another, you will need to know all the measurement facts listed below;

The  next clip will help you remember how to convert measurement facts.

Complete the following important facts in you Maths Books;

1. ______g = 1kg
2. ______kg = 1t
3. ______mm = 1cm
4. ______cm = 1m
5. ______m = 1km
6. ______mL = 1L

Now complete Measurement Activity 1 and 2

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