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International Time Zones/Latitude and


As the Earth turns, various parts of the world pass into daylight then into darkness. 
Countries around the world experience the cycle of day and night at different times in 
each 24-hour rotation of the Earth. The world is divided into 24 time zones, each one a
 long strip from the North Pole to the South  Pole and one hour different in time. 
Everyone living in one time zone sets the time the same way.

Watch the short clips below on Time Zones:

The map below shows the world zones

In your grid books put the heading 'International Time Zones' and answer the following questions;

1. How many time zones are there?
2. How many degrees does the Earth turn in 24hours?
3. How many degrees are in one time zone?
4. What is the Prime Meridian?
5. What is the significance on the town Greenwich in England?

Now turn to pages 96 and 97 of your iMaths Textbook and complete the questions. The Problem Solving Task is to be completed in your Tracker Books.

When your work has been marked check to see which activity you are to begin with.

Extension Activity
Using the App 'Explain Everything' create a presentation explaining International Time. Give examples of times in different locations around the world.


Now go to page 106 and 107 of your iMaths Textbook and complete the questions. Then move onto the following activities;
Activity 2

Division with remainders to hundredths

  1. Complete pages 40 and 40 in your iMaths Textbook.
  2. Check to see which activity you are to begin working on in your Maths Grid Book
Activity 1
Remember to mark your worked and then checked before moving on to the next activity.


Perimeter and Area Basics: Definitions of perimeter and area.

Complete the exercises HERE.

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