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Monday, August 20, 2012

Blog Task - BEN HALL


Mylee said...

Wow, I learnt heaps from those videos!

And that is considering what I have learnt from school!

Anonymous said...

Mr Waugh
Great videos very interesting learnt so much and you have to
From Ella

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the videos Mr Waugh they are very informal and I have learnt a lot from them.


Anonymous said...

Hello mr waugh, this was a great video and it helped me learn more on Ben Hall and bushrangers.

Jake said...

Thanks mr Waugh i learnt lots from the video
I knew lots about Ben hall but because of that video I now know lots more about him

Wil 🇺🇸⚾🏀🏈 said...

Wow that video was amazing and very factual. I have learnt a lot about Ben Hall senior and jr. This info will come in handy. I have learnt that Ben Jr broke his leg when he was 16 and he cheated on his wife and much more.
From, Wil����⚾����

Anonymous said...

Those videos were great mr Waugh I have got lots of Infomation from watching them.I also have lots of Infomation in my draft book from the other day,msome of the Infomation will in our biographies.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Waugh

I have learnt a lot from this clip and it has so much information I learnt that Ben hall cheated on his wife and much more, the information will help with the biography.

From conor

Sophie said...

Dear Mr. Waugh,

Cool clip - lots of info! My Ben Hall biography is coming along nicely, too :)

From Sophie

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Waugh,

These are great videos, and has gave me heaps of good info. Some new things to add in my Ben Hall biography.

Thanks Phillipa

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