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Monday, November 19, 2012

You have been asked to create a public awareness ad campaign to debunk some of the myths surrounding asylum seekers. 

Your brief is to:

1.  Create a visual campaign to be used on television, the internet or in cinemas. The ad should be no longer that 45 seconds and no shorter than 30 seconds. It should contain text, pictures and audio. 

2. Create a poster that draws attention to the TRUTH and busts the MYTH.

3. Write a 300 word overview (report) of your campaign that outlines some of the myths you have uncovered and explains WHY they are myths.


  • You are first required to DEFINE the word MYTH. What is the word's original meaning? What does the word mean in the context of MYTHBUSTING?  Record (write)  your answer in an app of your choice.
  • WATCH this episode of MYTHBUSTERS.  What is the myth they are busting? What did they do to bust the myth? What is the REALITY? Record all your answers.
  • Open these documents in NOTABILITY. Read them and highlight key points. Use these facts as the basis for your campaign.
  • Document 1 
  • Document 2

You must submit:

  • Your ANALYSIS of the MYTHBUSTERS episode
  • Your advertisement
  • Your POSTER
  • Your 300 word report             

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