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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Great Gold Infographic

All The World's Gold
From: Number Sleuth


Anonymous said...

Wow that is the greatest info graphic ever

I learnt that
- 165,000 metric tones of gold was found above the ground
- India has the most gold
- the worlds gold in money is $8,487,797,102,400.00
And I could list so much more thanks Mr Waugh
From Ella

Mylee said...

Well for one that is a very very long Infographic!
I can't believe it would cost that much money for all the gold in the world!
That is one great Infographic you get heaps of info off that!
And I thought we had heaps of gold in Australia, but then you see India, and all the other countries on the top of that graph!

Jake said...

Great infographic!!! It's sooo long!!
I learnt that India has the most gold.
I never knew that all that gold in money is worth that much
Thanks for showing us Mr Waugh

Hayley said...

Wow from this infographic it says that 52% of gold in turned into Jewellery, that's jut a bit more than half!!

Drew said...

That is a very long info graphic and the world has so much gold.

Finn said...

Wow that is a very good infographic and I didn't know that India had the most gold. It also showed me that heaps of Infomation doesn't need to be in writing.

Thanks Mr.Waugh

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