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Monday, July 30, 2012

Gold in Ancient Egypt

Watch this clip to the 5.20 mark. What have you learned about gold and its use in Ancient Egypt?   Leave a comment.


Jake said...

I have learnt that most of the stuff made for the Pharos were made of gold. Eg. Tombs, helmets.
I also learnt that the Egyptians believed gold came from the gods and had supernatural powers

kayla said...

thats a great film

thats amazing that the things that the Pharos had were gold like the face and the coffon

i have also leart that the egyptions belived the Pharoh was promised he would never die.

Anonymous said...

This is very… moving ��

I really Injoyed watching this video because it was very informative.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Waugh

I think it is really cool how most of the stuff that the Pharos were made of gold
And it is really interesting the video clip


Blake said...

I learnt that the Pharos face mask that covered the mummy was the greatest piece of art of its time it was also a great vid with heaps of information.


Mylee said...

To mr Waugh,

That was quite amazing to watch! It had heaps of facts and was really interesting. It it really amazing and cool to know how much gold they really used back then.

Wil🇺🇸⚾🏀🏈 said...

Dear Mr. Waugh,
WOW that was an amazing video. It is interesting how the Pharaoh and his people believed that gold was from the sun god and gives you super natural powers. I also agree with the narrator that the mask is the master piece to the body and is amazing to look at.
From, Wil

Anonymous said...

Good video it was amazing how the Egyptons used gold and why it was so interesting.

From Ella

Drew said...

It is crazy that Ancient Egypt had that much gold and the tomb of the kind looked awesome.

🐫🐑🐑🐑🐫 Ryan said...

Wow that was interesting Egypt had so much gold the tombs everything was made of gold, it was pretty cool that the King died in pain and stayed like that

Anonymous said...

Wow that is Amazing they used a lot of gold I learnt a lot from watching that.

Anonymous said...

I never new that the people of Egypt used and even had that much gold!
It was a great video and I have leanrt heaps about Egypt and there gold.

Hayley said...

Wow its amazing how they thought when one of the men were covered in gold(the flesh of the gods) he was ensured an eternal life

Natasha :) said...

I have learnt that the pharoh's tomb was made of gold and also his throne! It's amazing how much gold was used! They were probably the richest royal family in the world!

Anonymous said...

I have learnt that king Tutankhamen has Gordon his sarcophagoas and gold around his tomb that's amazing


Anonymous said...

Pharoah Tutankhamun mummy mask was consided the most beautiful piece of art of its kind. Also the Egyptians believed that gold was from the sun god Ra. They lavished gold and used it in burial chambers and other artifacts. They thought that the Pharoah most have a lot of gold if he was to have a successful afterlife with the gods.
From Serif

Oliver said...

Wow. Thats amzing. I never thought gold was so commonly found. Its also so cool how all the tombs were made of gold. I also know alot about the Sun Fod Ra

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