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Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 3 Blog Task - Australian Identity

Go to this link to interact with a slideshow of images and text to explore the emergence of a distinctly Australian identity in place of a British identity. Investigate the changes that resulted in a shift to a national vision. Identify the various events in colonial history that brought about this growing national vision and the issues which the colonists saw as particularly relevant to their circumstances. Examine how changes in circumstances affected the colonists' view of the world and their place in it. Complete the related task. Use the student log in code LJSYGO. You will need to use a laptop or desktop computer to complete this task as the slideshow requires Flash.


Sophie said...

I have finished this task :)

Anonymous said...

dear mr waugh

in 1788 british settlers found a colony in the eastern part of this land, they named it new south wales. after western australia was settled in 1829 the term australia was referred to the whole continent. the settlers didn't think themselves as australians. in the 1800 the colonist living in Australia considered themselves as british. Then victoria was named after queen victoria. in the early 20th century british territories covered almost 25 per cent of the globe. The idea of uniting the 6 separate colonies to form a australian nation was powered by a sense of a common culture as well as a concern because they are more capable to face of any threats.

from Conor

Jake said...

I have finished the activity. Some of the photos about keeping chinese out were funny because the Australians were dead serious about keeping them away. Quite horrible actually

WIL said...

Dear Mr. Waugh,
I think all the information was interesting. Some of the facts include a of Queen of Victoria, also how Queensland took over Papa New Guinea and how Australia went to war in Africa for the British. Another is that in the 1800's most of the population was around there 30's.
from, Wil

Anonymous said...

Australia was first colonised in 1778 with most people born in the British Isles or Europe. In the 1800s after Western Australia was colonised Australia was used as the continent name. In Latin it means southern land. The colonists became worried that foreign countries would invade so they invaded Papua New Guinea. They also started the white Australian policy keeping out migrants unless they were white this continued till the 1980s. Australia soon wanted independence. But Britain only let it after Queen Victoria died in 1901 before that Britain controlled 25% of the world continent. But because most of Australians were born in Australia in the 1880s, 1890s and early 1900s most of the people felt that Britain was not home. From Serif

Anonymous said...

There was some interesting facts in that link I'm interested in how Queensland took over papA new guinea and how australia was first colinised 1778.

From patty

Anonymous said...

Dear mr Waugh
I think Australian identity is becaming more fun every day

From Mallika

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