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Monday, April 9, 2012

Gabriel's Poem

Gabriel wrote this fantastic poem last week in 'Silent Writing' - our writing equivalent of D.E.A.R.
The topic was 'Over The Fence'. The next step will be for Gabriel to illustrate and publish his work as an eBook.  I think Gabriel has a bright future as a poet! See what you think and be sure to leave a message for him.

Over the Fence
Over the fence
Is a magical place.
It's full of wonders
And full of space.
There are flying hippos
And giant trucks. 
There are purple ninjas
And man eating ducks.
There are people made of jelly
And wildlife made of jam.
And there's a big fat mayor
Whose name is Sam.
There is wasabi juice
Which is red and blue.
And restaurants which sell
Dinosaur stew.
Even though
It may not make sense,
Anything can happen 
Over the fence.

©GMartins 2012


Kathy Cassidy said...

Wow Gabriel! Fantastic poem. I loved the pictures I got in my head as I read what you had written. I hope you keep writing poems for us all to read.

Ryan said...

Well done gab

Oliver said...

That's so cool. I wish I had an imagination like that! I hope you kept writing poems Gabriel, as you may have a great future as a poet!

Jake said...

Nice poem gab
Great imagination and amazing how you can put words together like that and get them to rhyme like that. It's amazing!!!

Jake and Sophie said...

WOW! That is an amazing poem! You have such a vivid, wild imagination. It's awesome how you can put those words together. Great job!

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