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Saturday, April 28, 2012

End of Week 1

The end of a BUSY Week 1 came around very quickly. The week began with a discussion about Australian Identity and the creation of Mindmaps using the iMindMap app. We have been mind mapping for some time now so it was great to be able to use an officially Buzan endorsed mind mapping tool. We'll use these mind maps on Australian Identity as 'baseline data' so that it will be easy for us to track our progress throughout the term. Take a look at these samples:

In preparation for ANZAC Day, Monday also saw us embark upon a QR Code Treasure Hunt. 17 QR Codes were placed around the classroom. The codes were linked to a series of questions related to World War One. We used the QR Code app or Qrafter to scan the codes. We then researched the answers and created a mini report.

Our Peer Support training Day was held on Tuesday. (see previous post)

After ANZAC Day (Wednesday) we viewed the classic Australian movie 'Gallipoli'. 'Tragic', 'Sad' 'Inhumane' and 'Horrendous' were some of the words we used to describe our reactions to the conditions endured by the Australian soldiers.

The Cross Country Carnival (see movie below) rounded out a terrific Thursday.
On Friday, Mrs Walker spoke to Stage 3 about the forthcoming Public Speaking competition. She gave us some great advice to help us in our preparation. Thanks Mrs Walker!

What a great week of learning!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed imindmap I got the full version and it is way better. I think the IPads are great for this kind of stuff


Ryan said...

The mind map app is a great app I like and they all look great
The treasure hunt was very instresting and fun

Anonymous said...

Deer mr waugh

Last week was a great week we used ind map it was fun and we did peer support training that was a lot of fun

From Mallika

Mylee said...

To dear mr. Waugh

I had a great week, learning more about Australian identity. I r
Liked the movie gallipoli although I didn't really like the actual war side of things. I very much enjoyed cross country and I just can't wait until public speaking.

Kayla said...

This week has been great and I agree it went very quickly, the cross country track was fun and peer support was also fun.
I can't wait till we go to the Annie performance
Thanks Mr Waugh

Finn Kenny said...

To Mr Waugh,

The week really was fun especially with the peer support day. making the mind amps was easy and fun. The QR codes Anzac day research task was enjoyable.
Week one really kicked off term two with a great start.
Thanks Mr Waugh.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Waugh,
This week I have really enjoyed!
The app "mind map" is a good one and I love using it. I had lots of fun doing cross country and can't wait to do it again but this time at fingal yay!
I can't wait to see what the rest of the term is going to be like and I am excited to go see Annie :)

Jake said...

This week I liked Training for peer support and had fun with the activity musical newspaper instruments. I also liked seeing the movie Gallipoli even though it was sad.
Thanks for a great week,

Blake said...

This week was really fun, I enjoyed the training for peer support my favorite activity was makeing the musical instruments. I really liked doing the cross country it was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Week one as great it was a good start to term 2, I loved the peer support training and I can't wait till peer support so I can meet my group and I hope m a good leader. Australian identity so far looks like it will bemy favorite term subject, I am really interested in Gallipoli the movie was great and the QR code test was great it was a good idea to fit in with the iPad it was like a treasure hunt but you learn more.

Posted by patty

Sophie said...

Hi Mr. Waugh,

Last week was a lot of fun. The new mind mapping tool we got is really easy to use. Learning about Australian Identity is going to be very interesting to learn about, too. The QR Code Treasure Hunt was challenging - trying to reach the high codes is what I mean! The movie, 'Gallipoli' was really good. The last scene was horrifying! I had to close my eyes a few times because it was so sad!

Kristy said...

Hey Mr Waugh

Week 1 was very fun because we got to wear mufti on Tuesday and during the week we also got to do a qr code treasure hunt and we had to answer the question that were on the code. Also we had a talk at the start aboat Australian Identity

Gab said...

Week one was great. I had lots of fun at the peer support training day. I also realy enjoyed the cross country. Learning about world war 1 is very interesting and the Qr code activity was really cool. I cant wait to find out what else we will be doing this term

From Gabriel

Drew said...

I can't wait to see a really good show Anne. Anne will be entertaining, fun. ANZAC day was good because it is nice to respect the ANZACs. I want to kingscliff to se the ANZAC parrade and it was really cool.

This Term will be awesome.

Hayley said...

Dear Mr Waugh,

Last week was fun because for the first time we had Ash/Ashley/Mr Perrow which was really fun, we also had cross country, I congratulate all the people that participated and all those people who made it to Fingal. Tuesday was a great day because we got to wear mufti and do fun games that associate with learning skills with peer support and sometimes other everyday life skills. We also had Anzac Day to remember those who fought and maybe died for our rights and our country


Raina said...

Hi Mr Waugh this week was very fun I had fun with the Q R codes and doing the peer support training . And the Imind mapping was interesting on Tuesday I liked how we had mufti . I also liked watching Gallipoli it gave me an idea of what world war 1 was like I thought in world war 1 they wore more safe close when they where going To war.

Anonymous said...

Last week was great we had peer support training, Anzac day, cross country. The QR code task was pretty fun. I liked watching Gallipoli and I think that I am going to like learning about Australian Identity. I really like the new app I mind map I am using it a lot. Mrs walker speaking to us about public speaking will help me make my speech a bit better. My favourite thing we did at peer support was making the musical instruments. I think this term will be fantastic.

Oliver said...

Last week was so much fun! Peer support training day was really fun. I had a really fun + creative group and i think the skills we learnt can help us in the future. I was a abit dissapointed about the pizza though :(. I really thought the ANZAC service was sad although well prepared. The movie Gallipoli was very educational and sad. It was amazing to see what some of the soldiers had to go through. Cross-country was loads of fun! I got fifth. I also look forward to playing in our sport teams. I have a great group. Overall last week was great! I can't wait for next week and the rest of the term to come!


Wil⚾🏀🏈 said...

Dear Mr. Waugh,

This week was fun with the new apps, kross country, Mr. Parro and music.
I liked this week because it was active and funny.

From, Wil

Shayla :) said...

Wow a great first week we had Mr Waugh I wish i was there to watch Gallipoli also I can't wait to see what else we'll be doing this term, cross country seemed good wish I was there as well, but I was away.Peer support training was also great. Thanks for a great week Mr Waugh

Shayla 😃😃😜😜

Anonymous said...

Week one was great. I had lots of fun on the peer support training day. I also realy enjoyed the cross country. Learning about world war 1 is very interesting and the Qr code activity was very cool.mi can't wait to find out what else we will be doing this term

From Gabriel

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Waugh

I am looking forward to learning about Australian identity. The peer support traing day was a good experience, I can't wait to get started on being a leader. The movie Gallipoli was a great but sad movie. Also the cross country,the run that takes your breath away, I went a lot better than last year so that was a good achievement, I also tried my hardest. I am looking forward to going and seeing the Annie show. I had a great week.
FROM Conor

Anonymous said...

Last week was really fun we did peer supporting training and we watched gallipolli and we did our comfort pack. We have a had a kick off to the start of the term!!!!!!!! �� from jack

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Waugh
Although I only returned to school on Friday. I learned quite a bit about the techniques of public speaking. And gained valuable information on the 17 QR Code questions about World War 1. I will be working hard to catch up with the lost work I missed early last week. I will use the public speaking techniques to improve my public speaking.
From Serif

Natasha 😃 said...

Dear Mr Waugh,
This week was really fun!
On Monday it was great to see all my friends again!
Tuesday was thw best day so far. When we were in mufti it was weird because everyone was asking why we were in mufti and no one else was. The peer support training was really fun! It made me realise how fun it's going to be being a peer support leader.
On ANZAC Day (Wednesday), I was sick. so instead I stayed home and watched the replay of the ANZAC Dawn Services.
On Thursday and Friday I was sick and suffered a few asthma attacks. Though it has stopped.
From you no.1 student,

Natasha 😃

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