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Monday, February 20, 2012

Antarctica: Week 4 Blog Task

Post a comment after watching this extraordinary footage.


Sophie said...

That is incredible scenery! But I really think it is quite sad that humans are invading Antarctica. I believe that there should be no human being going to Antarctica because they are causing a lot of damage. Antarctica should be for animals only. I don't care if they're scientists or researchers! I don't think we've found anything except ice and water!

Hayley😜✌ said...

I agree Sophie

They have also found minerals in Antarctica too✌

Anonymous said...

Hi there this is patty here they have done a lot building in Antarctica and really don't think it is going to help global warming know wonder antarctica's icie is melting. I like the cool fast forward thing on that weird flower.

From patty

Anonymous said...

Patty again whoops I spelt ice like icie I don't think I can pronounce icie

From patty

Anonymous said...

Wish I could go to Antarctica but
can't believe what humans are
doing to the continent

Anonymous said...

Chris here I think Antarctica is a cool place to visit (get it? Cool) hahaha:)) when i am older dad said he would bring me there one day on a boat. Any way back to the vid I liked the fast mo. It was cool (again cool haha)

Anonymous said...

Antarctica is beautiful but if humans don't respect Antarctica it will be destroyed!!!!

Anonymous said...

i think that antarctica should not be place that you go to for fun (like a holiday type thing) i think its ok that sientists go there to discover new things and explore the wild life of antarctica but i think that they should not build anything in antarcica because that place they placed the building might of been a living animals home :(
so i recon we should leave antarctica alone (but sientists can go there every once in a while.

blake said...

hey mr waugh
that was some amazing footage there thanks for posting it but i don't really get how one of them boats can travel through water without making a path

Anonymous said...

Really good quick documentary on Antarctica.
From Serif

Anonymous said...

Antarctica is a great place but if we don't treat it well it is going to get destroyd.

That is a great And interesting document


Ryan said...

There is some good pictures and videos and there is more buildings then I thought.

Anonymous said...

I think scientists should leave antarctica alone and leave the animals be.
Amazing footage though
From jake

Anonymous said...

Hi it's Emma here the documentary was awesome with all the under water creatures and also the people there are polluting and destroying Antarica and their enviroment.

From Emma

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